First Stop Lisbon, Portugal

I have just gone back from Portugal a few  days ago and my mind is still in a state of dream about this country.   Our first stop was Lisbon (Lisboa). It is Portugal’s capital and largest city. The oldest City in Western Europe, older than London, Paris and Rome. The only city along the Atlantic Coast.

This city has so much to offer on what you can see and do, day and night. This city has been given different referential names. I am actually thinking of another one that I can add to the list.

Lisbon is famously called the City of Seven Hills (it’s a myth, there are more or less). No matter what the actual number of hills are it is indeed a hilly city. Be ready with those comfortable shoes when you are going around to see the sights and even when you go for a night out.

It is also called the  City of Tiles (Azulejos), if you walk around Lisbon you will see the art of Portuguese ceramic tiles in almost every corner of the city particularly on train and metro stations.

It was once the City of Spies, no I did not meet them, it happened during World War II.

It is also referred by some as a City of  Contrasts, when referring the architecture of the city as the old blends with contemporary erections.

It is also called the real City of Lights, it is not because of artificial light like New York or Paris but because of the sunlight reflected from the Tagus river to the city in the evening.

Today, Lisbon is promoting itself as a City of Tolerance. A welcoming haven for all cultures and ethnicities.

I am definitely charmed by the vibe of  Lisbon. It is a city where you don’t expect much when you go but when you leave the place you have the mind set that you would come back.

On my next blog, Lisbon in photos!


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