Madrid.Plaza Toro Las Ventas. Part II. CORRIDAS DE TOROS – A Form of Art

The captions on my photos are excerpts from an article in the Daily Telegraph by book author Alexander Fiske-Harrison.


 “It is for beauty that the real aficionados attend the corrida, not for pomp, not for thrill and certainly not for blood.” 


“In Spain bullfighting is written about in the cultural pages of newspapers, not the sports section.” 


“However, I came to understand that the fighting bulls’ lot of five years on free-release followed by 25 minutes in the arena is equal if not better than the meat cow’s 18 months corralled in prison followed by a “humane” death.”


“Bullfighting is so much more than a sport. Even the dubious phrase “field” or “blood” sport is inapplicable (whatever the League Against Cruel Sports say.)”


“It was not long before I started to see the beauty of toreo – bullfighting as a word does not exist in Spanish, and in English comes from our artless, riskless and brutal hobby of bull-baiting.”


“Don’t take my word for this. Here is what Orson Welles had to say on the matter: “What is the essence of this art? That the man carry himself with grace and that he move the bull slowly and with a certain majesty. That is, he must allow the inherent quality of the bull to manifest itself.”


“This is usually in the final and most famous of the three acts of the fight, the “Third of Death”, in which the matador passes the bull with a red cape, as closely and as elegantly as he can.” 



“However, bullfighting is the only art form that both represents something and is that thing at the same time: the matador’s elegant immobility in the face of the bull not only represents man’s defiance of death, it is a man defying death.”


“Love it or hate it, bullfighting is not a sport. To devotees and opponents alike, it is much more important than that.”


3 thoughts on “Madrid.Plaza Toro Las Ventas. Part II. CORRIDAS DE TOROS – A Form of Art

  1. Brilliant!! Not sure I’d want to take my chances though!


    1. The wife of the guy who sat beside us left before the first bull was killed and told her husband I will wait for you outside. I guess it’s not for everyone 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, clearly not -that’s really funny though! 😄 On a serious note, I’m not sure if I’d want to watch a bull being killed – it just looks impressive to see a person ‘dancing around the bull ring’ with a red cloth and a live bull. I must admit, I didn’t realise it went further than that….

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