Valletta, Malta – A Walk back in time.

     The capital city of Malta is a sight to behold. We went here in February of 2016. Malta – a small island in the southern Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy – is one of the warmest destinations in Europe that you can visit when it is at it’s coldest in England. If winter is becoming too much to bear, Malta is a great winter escape. The climate is similar to spring or autumn with ample sunshine to brighten your day. It was amazing that this tiny country has so much to offer during the day and night. Here are a few photos I have taken whilst wandering around the streets of Valletta. Valletta is a port city and being half way between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal was strategically important to the British.

The Flag of Malta.

If you love doors, you will have a feast on the different doors of the houses and establishments around Valetta.

You will not miss the door handles in Valletta.

It was the end of the Baroque Festival when we arrived.

We were lucky to catch a glimpse of the street decorations. It was actually the day that they started to take them down.

Street of Balconies

Apartment blocks are adorned with balconies, not just in one street but almost in the entire city.

Malta is a very Catholic country, well, their national flag has an emblem of the cross, but the cross is actually the St George’s Cross, awarded to the entire island for their bravery during the Second World War by King George VI of the United Kingdom.

Malta was a British Crown Colony until 1964. Valletta was badly bombed during the Second World War and it’s inhabitants lived underground in tunnels during this period.

Notice the statues on the corner of the streets.

One part of the city contains crossroads featuring statues of Christian Saints.

The best way to go around Valetta is on foot.

Even though the city was heavily bombed during the Second World War it has a historic feel to it with plenty of interesting architecture and sites to visit. I will add more of these in my next update.

10 thoughts on “Valletta, Malta – A Walk back in time.

  1. Always wanted to go there!!


  2. this reminds me of the 2 days i spent roaming the city in preparation for the novel i am writing (based in Valletta). I love the city, and these photos caught it well. prosit, well done !


    1. Thank you for the compliment!!! ♥


  3. You managed to capture Valletta’s beauty through your lens!


  4. I love Valletta. These pictures show it very well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved Valetta and how it mixes mediterranean with British culture…


    1. Hi Tim! Like you, I love Malta. 😀


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