Valencia. Horchata and Farton. A must try.

It looks and taste like milk but it is not milk, it taste sweet but it has no sugar, it’s contrary to what is written about it on the internet but it is what we were told while on a tour. A traditional refreshing healthy white drink that is popular in the mediteranean diet and originated in Valencia.

It is made of Chufa (Tigernut).
Horchateria El Collado-The first place where we tried horchata. This shop prides itself in making horchata for 125 years!
The health benefits of horchata: It has no cholesterol. It helps to reduce the cholesterol and the triglicerids due to its composition in greasy acids similar to the olive oil. It provides essential amino acids (arginina is important). It possesses a big energy value (ideal for children and sportsmen). It presents excellent digestive properties for its content in soluble fiber, amino acids and starch. It contains iron, zinc, copper and the same quantity of magnesium as the milk of a cow or goat. It is diuretic for its high content in water. It does not contain gluten, lactose not fructosa. The horchata without sugar can be drunk by diabetic people. It is ideal for hypertense people due to its low content in sodium and absence of caffeine. It is advisable for the prevention of the arteriosclerosis and the renal insufficiencies.
Horchata is usually drank with this Farton on the side and the tradional way to eat this bread is to dip it in your horchata before puting it into your mouth.
This is the second place where we tried our horchata. It reminds me of Pasties de Belem shop in Lisbon.

Tip! If you go to Valencia never miss to try this drink, and it is best to have them after a long walk. Refreshing and naturally healthy!


4 thoughts on “Valencia. Horchata and Farton. A must try.

  1. I’d love to try some horchata…


    1. Am sure you will like it. It is very refreshing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then it shall be!!! I will have it with a smile 😊


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