Cattedrale di Parma: A Monumental Work of Art.

This church is regarded as one of the most fascinating places of worship in the Emilia Region in Italy. Built in the 9th century and dedicated to The Virgin of Assumption in 1105 by Pope Paschal II.

For me, this is one of the most beautiful church interior that I have ever seen. The Romanesque structure outside looks simple, like some the churches you have already seen in Italy but I was in awe when I got inside this Cathedral. It was like walking in a different world. I was engulfed in the world of the artists who made it.

The frescoes on the walls, ceillings and the dome is extremely interesting and spellbinding. Really a monumental work of art by three different renaissance painters. Lattanzio Gambara, Gerolamo Mazzola Bedoli (I can’t even find his name on wikipedia) and Antonio Allegri da Correggio It’s a pity that little was known about their lives although their work was not as popular as those of Michael Angelo or Da Vinci it is equally beautiful or more.

The frescos in this cathedral is Parma’s gem. A place that has to be seen by art aficionados. My photos above I hope will encourage you to make Parma a part of your next destination. Don’t forget to bring the zoom lens of your camera.

What is the meaning of fresco? Fresco (plural frescos or frescoes) is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid, or wet lime plaster. Water is used as the vehicle for the dry-powder pigment to merge with the plaster, and with the setting of the plaster, the painting becomes an integral part of the wall. The word fresco (Italian: affresco) is derived from the Italian adjective fresco meaning “fresh”. – Wikipedia

What is the meaning of Renaissance? Renaissance. The cultural rebirth that occurred in Europe from roughly the fourteenth through the middle of the seventeenth centuries, based on the rediscovery of the literature of Greece and Rome. … Renaissance means “rebirth” or “reawakening.”

4 thoughts on “Cattedrale di Parma: A Monumental Work of Art.

  1. What an amazing work of art! Can’t wait to read more about your travels. Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog!


    1. Thank you for the nice comment…that would encourage me to keep blogging haha. Thank you for following my blog. Cheers!


  2. How wonderful. Your posts inspire me to think of visiting places Id never considered.


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