Symi Island, Greece

Named as one of the best Greek Islands, some even voted this island as “Best for couples” over Santorini. These are another throw back photos from six years ago when what I had was a point and shoot digital camera. Tip! Which boat to take from Rhodes? We took this line and they were prompt with time.

Monastery of the Taxiarchis -Panormitis is the location of the island’s famous monastery which is visited by people from all over the world, and many Greeks pay homage to St Michael of Panormitis each year.
Highest Baroque Bell Tower in the World
Highest Baroque Bell Tower in the World – Monastery of the Taxiarchis
In Greek mythology, Symi is reputed to be the birthplace of the Charites and to take its name from the nymph Syme -Wikipedia
In Homer’s Iliad the island is mentioned as the domain of King Nireus. (Wikipedia)
Geographically, Symi is part of the Dodecanese island chain, located about 41 kilometres (25 miles) north-northwest of Rhodes. – Wikipedia
Symi’s main industry is now tourism, and its permanent population has declined to 2,500, with a larger population during the summer. – Wikipedia
The island has become a haven for tourists from abroad, especially British and Italians, and is now the permanent home of about 120 non-Greek residents, some 50 of whom are British.
Symi Island
Symi Island
Symi Island
Symi Island
Symi Island
Symi Island
Symi Island
In the 19th century Europe went sponge crazy; Britain, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain and France couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Greek sea captains mopped up with the introduction of the new diving suit, and the traders made fortunes from the international big business.


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