Halki, Greece: A Heavenly Island!

   Halki, I want a second time around. We boarded the boat going to Halki from Rhodes not knowing what to expect. Sometimes it is ideal to go to a place without knowing anything about it and not seeing it in pictures beforehand. As we got off the boat, I got busy taking photos at the harbour of the town, and then when I wanted to go somewhere else, all the people from the boat seemed to just have disappeared, like in a horror movie haha. The few people at harbour tabernas seemed to be just waiting to board the next boat.      DSC_1661DSC_1657


   So we decided to just go beyond the harbour and have a look around. We were actually looking for a beach but the harbour, althought the water is crstal clear seemed to be not the place for swimming.


We wandered where the beautiful houses were. The houses and streets were neat and quiet. After a while, we saw a tower on top of a hill and one single tourist from afar seemed to be heading to it, so we decided to climb the hill to have a panoramic view of the island.

Sighting the Pondamos beach from the top of the hill.


Halki Pasta

Pondamos Beach

As we reached the top of the hill, we saw  the beach!!! It’s the Pandomos beach a bit of a walk but with the beautiful scenery I did not mind even at noon and the sun was at its beast!


   Am sharing with you another photo’s from six years ago. This Island is Heavenly indeed. It’s picturesque, beautiful, quiet and unspoilt. I have taken so many pictures…Maybe because I don’t have to wait for other tourist to finish thier multiple shots for a single instagram post. :-S


Wishing to comeback to this island. Until the second time around Halki!


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