Florence’s Cathedral: The Duomo.

    Here are some of the photos I took on the most iconic building in Florence, Italy. It took almost a century and a half for the cathedral to finish, hence the entire structure is a collaboration of different artist’s from different generations. During my three days of stay in Florence, there woud not be a day that I would not stop and spend time admiring this gem of architecture.

Credit to the man who built the dome of Florence Cathedral- Filippo Brunelleschi.                  “When Brunelleschi proposed to build the dome, people thought he was crazy and visionary. Nobody at that time (1436) thought it was possible that one could build such a large dome. To convince the Florentines Brunelleschi designed a model on the piazza in the same scale of the later dome. With this work, he became one of the greatest architects of all time.”
It took 140 years to complete the Cathedral as how we see it today.
The typical Italian Gothic building, the Cathedral of Florence, is dedicated to “Santa Maria del Fiore”.
The exterior is notable for the geometric patterning of its revetment (face), made from encrusted marble.
One of the most remarkable features of the outside of the building is the socalled “Porta della Mandorla”(north) (della mandorla = almond) that was given this name because of the large aureole around the figure of the Virgin sculptured by Nanni di Banco (1380/90-1421) among others.
Largest brick and mortar dome in the world!  In building the dome Brunelleschi’s lifts were so far ahead of their time that they weren’t rivaled until the industrial revolution, though they did fascinate generations of artists and inventors, including a certain Leonardo from the nearby Tuscan town of Vinci, whose sketchbooks tell us how they were made.
Vasari’s Last Judgment is located beneath the dome of the Florence Cathedral, which had remained unfinished after Brunelleschi’s death in 1446. As such, the walls of the dome, which should have been covered by resplendent gold accoring to Brunelleschi project, were whitewashed.
Vasari’s fresco begun in 1568, and completed by Federico Zuccari in 1579.
A closer look of the Florence Cathedral mable floor.
The bell tower by Giotto remains, together with the huge dome one of the most striking views of the town. The famous painter, Giotto, was in fact also the architect of the project for the bell tower, although by the time of his death (1337) only the lower part had been completed.
The Baptistry, The Cathedral and The Belltower in one frame.


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