Island of Gozo, Malta

“You can go left or right from this road and you will be able to see Gozo. Don’t worry to get lost, Gozo is a small island you will find your way back to this place.”

Those were the words of the ATV bike rental owner. So we went around Gozo without the aid of Google map and with only a phone camera on hand. I enjoy going to a destination without knowing the places you are going to see as sometimes the expectation is greater than reality.

The ferry crossing the Gozo Channel from Malta which is approximately 30 minutes travel time to Mġarr Harbour, Gozo. The ferry to Gozo departs from Ċirkewwa (at the Northern most tip of main island Malta) at frequent intervals, with trips that continue even throughout the night.
Gozo is Homer’s Island of Ogygia.
According to Homer, the Gozitan sea nymph Calypso managed to keep Odysseus enslaved here for seven years, until he escaped and returned to his wife.


This is the owner of the quadbike rental company, he fetched us from the port and back.
The name of this restaurant can have different meaning in different languages.
The Basilica of St Peter and St Paul.
This church is one of the most beautiful churches on the island.
The construction of the present church was started on 28 September 1760 and the design is attributed to the Maltese architect Giuseppe Bonici.
This semaphore (sign) tower built by the British in 1848 on the hill of in-Nadur is 130 metres above sea level, its purpose was to pass on signals to ships and other posts via a telegraphy link between Gozo and Malta. It is now used as a telecommunications tower.
The small attractive botanical garden that surrounds the tower contains a number of plants native to the Maltese Islands.
One of the most famous churches on Gozo is The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu, which dominates the open countryside on the outskirts of Gharb – a village in the north west of the island.
Today’s monumental shrine to Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu was built between 1920 and 1931. It is an architectural masterpiece, especially inside with its superb sculptures and craftsmanship in Maltese stone.
In 1883 a woman from the village of Għarb, Karmni Grima, heard the voice of Our Lady at the small chapel that then occupied this site. It rapidly became a centre of pilgrimage and the number of visitors soon overwhelmed the little church.
This hill can be seen from much of Gozo, topped with a statue of the Risen Christ. This statue was placed here in the 1970s and sits 320-foot on the top of Tal-Merżuq Hill (now popularly know as Tas-Salvator – The Redeemer). This is a place of popular religious myth and legend.
The first settlers here sailed from Sicily, perhaps coming from the area around Agrigento. That influence has lasted some time – although Gozo is Maltese, the food is distinctly Italian.


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4 thoughts on “Island of Gozo, Malta

  1. Carly | October 20, 2018 — 2:16 pm

    All of those stone buildings are so beautiful!

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    1. Yes, they are indeed! 😀


  2. Nice informative article! I’m visiting next week and very excited 🙂


    1. Thank you Emma!!! You will definitely love it! 😀


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